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For our latest issue of At West End, we’re thrilled to be working with Mississippi artist, Patty Patterson. Patty is part of a group of artists and community organizers working to revitalize the Midtown district of our hometown, Jackson, MS. After learning about the efforts of the many artists who make up the Midtown community, we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Patty and her start up business. Repurposed Projects was founded by Patty last year and specializes in making functional furniture pieces from recycled wooden shipping pallets. We fell in love with Patty and the rustic, DIY aesthetic of her custom built wine racks. Look for Repurposed Projects in the next issue of At West End and click “read more” to view pictures of the Repurposed Projects studio space, read a quick Q&A with Patty Patterson, and learn more about the Midtown Restoration Project!

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Patty Collage

What lead you to start working with recycled pallets?
I was introduced to shipping pallets when I was a young girl growing up in Michigan. My stepfather used to sell pallets for extra income. Since then, I’ve developed a love for pallets and how their wood can be used for so many creative designs.

How did you become involved with Midtown, Jackson, and why is it important to you?
I became involved with Midtown long before this area was called Midtown. Mill street is how I’ve traveled  from south to north from more than thirty years, so to see it come back to life gives me chills. Whitney Grant, the Creative Economies Coordinator convinced me to come here to build my business, and  I’ve seen the overall plan to revitalize this community. I just want to be a part of Midtown’s restoration process.

How would you like to see the Midtown community grow?
I would like to see Midtown grow into a  community where residents become neighbors again, kids can be proud of where they live, crime has no place, businesses thrive , education is valued, and gardens can grow wild!

In what other community organizations are you involved?
Community involvement is key, so I’m very active in Voice of Calvary Ministries, Solider On, Zoo Area Progressive Partnership, West Central Jackson Improvement, and Vision 2022.

What other designs might we look forward to in the future of Repurposed Projects?
Repurposed Projects’ future designs are coming soon to a home near you, by way of indoor and outdoor furnishings!

Do you have a favorite At West End item?
My favorite AWE item is the 3 tier Colorful Iron Rolling Serving Cart, I love its bright colors and vintage character.

Click here to learn more about the Midtown Restoration Project!

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