This time of year, it’s easy to get all Christmased out. If you need a movie that has just a sprinkling of Christmas spirit without its whole plot revolving around the holidays, here are a few to choose from (along with some illustrations I did.)

Bridget Jones meets Mark Darcy (who is wearing a completely ridiculous sweater) for the first time at a Christmas party.

So tacky that it’s almost cute…

In Mean Girls, the Plastics do a dance routine to “Jingle Bell Rock” that doesn’t go as planned. I watch this movie every December.

And last but not least (actually, it’s my favorite of the three):

You get to see everyone in Pirate Radio do Christmas their own way, from traditional and well-mannered to fun and irreverent, and it makes me want to construct paper crowns for my own Christmas celebration.

So there you go, three movies I’ll definitely be watching before the year is over.
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