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new year’s resolutions

A brand new year is sort of like a clean slate in a lot of ways. I’ve chosen a few resolutions to make sure 2012 turns out even better than 2011! I’m going to try lots of new things and have way more fun than I did last year. I’m going to learn some new skills and read a few more books. I’ve also decided to be more organized this year, which I think is a pretty common resolution. That’s why I’ve rounded up a handful of our new items that will help us do just that!

First up is the very cool Giant Round Cubby Shelf. From books to toys to art supplies to collectibles, this huge statement piece will organize almost anything!

Then we have this lovely Set Of Two Canvas Baskets. I’d use one for magazine storage and the other to hold all the extra toilet paper in the bathroom. 

I have lots of jewelry, and it often seems to litter my bathroom counter. I still can’t decided between the Buttermilk Bird Jewelry Stand and the Iron Jewelry Tree with that cute little bird on top.

These Large Round Twig Bowls With Handles seem like they’d just be endlessly useful. Plus they come as a set of three, so you can split them up and use them around the house for all sorts of things.

We have tons of cool new hooks. The Photo Shelf With Four Hooks will clean up your entryway in a flash, and you can even personalize it. The Cast Iron Mustache Hook is so funny, and the A Little Bird Told Me Hooks are just adorable.

The Metal Fish Hooks and Cast Iron Sailboat & Anchor Hooks are a great way to add a nautical touch while organizing your coats, umbrellas or keys this spring. And the “Dogs” and “Cats” Hooks are the perfect place to hang your furry friends’ collars, leashes and toys!

Last, but not least, you can clean up your yard and make your hose look super cute with this Cast Iron Birds Hose Holder!

What are some more New Year’s resolutions you made this year?

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