2014 is finally here and At West End is ready to kick off the New Year with a splash of color! With this new issue of AWE, we’re introducing a brand new collection of brightly colored ceramics and garden accessories that are guaranteed to liven up your home in time for Spring. In addition to our new line of color, we’ve also added several new rustic and industrial pieces for those looking for a more understated look. This issue of AWE truly has something for every home decorator, so head to to request your free catalog and start shopping today!

Click “read more” to learn about a few of our favorite new items…

colorful plant stands

We are so ready for Spring! Its bright colors and beautiful weather are always welcome after the cold and dull days of Winter. One of the most exciting post-Winter activities is filling the inside and outside of your home with all your favorite potted plants. This set of metal plant stands is perfect for showcasing your green thumb while adding a little pop of color to your décor. With their bright colors and modern aesthetic, these guys are well on their way to being At West End classics.

neon ceramic mermaid vases

Another group within our colorful new collection is this line of bright bud vases. Just like our metal planters, these mermaids are ideal for getting your home ready for Spring while adding a splash of color. AWE has always been a fan of coastal décor but these vases add an energetic new twist on our beach inspired line.

winter trees with gold frame
gold framed paintings

In addition to our new line of color, we’re also very excited to introduce our new gold-framed oil paintings. These beautiful works of art are adorned with our new subtly textured frames that add to the rustic appeal of At West End’s beloved oil paintings.

ceramic whale bud vase

Bud vases are a MUST for Spring and these quirky lil’ whale vases are perfect for accessorizing your bookshelf, coffee table, or mantle. Display your collection of air plants or freshly picked flowers in this friendly accent piece.

ceramic mustache serving trays

These quirky mustaches are charming accessories for your coffee table but also come in handy as clever serving trays for your next party. We love stylish décor with a sense of humor and this pair of unique ceramics has totally won us over.

coffee table

Our new raw metal coffee table stylishly combines industrial and rustic aesthetics for a subtle look that will complement any modern décor. We love the wooden slat top and metal spindles that allow for the convenient storage of books, records, or magazines. With its functionality and understated look, this beautiful coffee table works as a blank canvas for displaying your bright colors or rustic style.
Thanks for reading and have a pleasant and COLORFUL Spring!

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